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Welcome to our award-winning practice, where our straightforward and effective methods have resulted in overwhelming numbers of satisfied patients.

We focus on the complete rehabilitation of your injury, combining chiropractic treatment with massage and trigger point therapy, stretching exercises, and strengthening exercises as well as a variety of other techniques depending on the condition being treated. This comprehensive approach is designed to fix your problem and prevent it from reoccurring.

We are here to get you back into working order to live your busy life and do the things you love.  What sets us apart from other offices is that our approach is designed to relieve pain quickly. We deeply appreciate our favorable response from the Sacramento community: We were awarded ‘Best New Business of 2002’ by the East Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. Our satisfied patients consistently refer friends, family and colleagues to our office. If you don’t want to randomly pick a doctor’s office from an insurance list or from an advertisement and you live in the Sacramento area, you are welcome to stop by our office and meet us.